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Excellent class. Sensei Dave was very detailed in his instruction. His students and instructors follow his steps. It’s a like a family with everyone coming together to learn, train, and have fun. I enjoyed the demos with learning to control yourself in a situation but also allows for techniques to be practiced and learned more effectively. Definitely will be back.


Our son applied his teachings this week to defend himself. Sensei Dave's teachings are clear; walk away, tell them to stop, if they touch you - apply what you know and our son did. The student got a 2 day suspension.
All the great Sensei's at the studio have helped our son, Dania develop his self confidence and assert himself in defending himself. The fact that Dania didn't think twice because it was a girl, is a big accomplishment for him. We are very proud of him. Thank you to all the wonderful Senseis!

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I've trained with Dave for the better part of 25 years. I've watch both young and old people gain self confidence, maturity and an education in "street fighting". You cannot put a price on any of those attributes. thank you Dave for your dedication no only to the "art" but to the spreading of your knowledge to so many people who need it.


A great place to learn self defense!


Wish I could give more than 5 stars. I trained there for a long time and not once did I regret going. It is a very safe place and the teachers genuinely care about those they are teaching. Everyone is super kind and are some of the greatest people I know. Hope I can go back one day very soon.


Adult Martial Arts in Riverside

If you want to learn how to really defend yourself go to Dave Hopkins! This is not sport fighting, this is real self defense that you use on the street. I trained karate when I was younger and never quite felt confident that I could really use it in the real world if I had to, but with kung fu San soo I feel much more confident. In addition to kung fu he offers grappling, kickboxing, and conditioning classes! This place is worth every penny.


Adult Martial Arts in Riverside

Daves class is fantastic! If you want a fun knowledgeable teacher who really truly cares about your child sign up! My son has been going for a few months, and he loves it. I like the fact that Dave has a great sense of humor and makes everyone laugh while teaching the kids how to defend themselves. His whole family is a part of what he does and they are just wonderful people.

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David Hopkins Kung Fu is Good for the mind, a family from a family, Good for the Soul. When I miss a class I fill out of sorts or place.


Adult Martial Arts in Riverside

I visited about a month ago and was treated like family.  The workout was much fun and the instruction was waaay good.  Next time I come to Riverside I will visit again.  I highly recommend Dave Hopkins!


Adult Martial Arts in Riverside

Dave is the best! I have been going here about eight years and am so glad to have Kung Fu in my life! I think everyone should take it! Not only does it teach you self defense but it also teaches discipline and comradery. Everyone is like a family here! Thanks Dave for bringing Kung Fu San Soo to Riverside!

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Adult Martial Arts in Riverside

my nephew goes here he use to be so shy but now he has alot of confidence. and it teache's him very good discipline...i love it and im also thinking of doing the womens self defense class

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Dave Hopkins is the best instructor!! He is genuine, knowledgeable, and knows how to inspire his students of all ages to want to be their best, not only as a martial artists, but be their best in life. My kids learned how to defend themselves & gained confidence. Check out Dave Hopkins Kung Fu San Soo if your looking for high quality instruction in an encouraging & family friendly environment.

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Dave Hopkins Kung Fu is the right place to be to learn self defense and a TRUE combat martial art. You will not be disappointed. I’ve been a student of Dave’s for two years now. I’m 51 now and I only wish I had done it 25 years ago. Dave is a true master of the art and is great to work with. It has changed my life. Thank you Dave!!!


When I first started with Dave Hopkins, I knew this was going to be my new home. Dave is one of the most knowledgeable, personable and dedicated men that I have ever met. I started out weighing in at 265 pounds. I'm now 225 pounds after only 6 months of training. I feel great and my confidence as a fighter is tremendous. Thanks for everything Master Dave.


Dave Hopkins is one of the best instructors around. His school provides a family friendly environment and a form of martial arts with real world applications. If you want to learn how to defend yourself and your family immediately with expert instruction, Dave Hopkins is the man to see!


This place is the best ! I would recommend anybody here. All the instructors are caring, fun, amazing and real people ! Dave ties in life advice in his lessons and puts effort in getting to know the students on a deeper level. I head only able to go once a week while i lived in Riverside, yet i still learned so much. I moved far and can't make it anymore, but i am so grateful for their kindness and for everything they taught me.

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Love this place! This has been a great experience for our whole family!


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